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A look back at Financial Progress Month™

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In April, we decided to rebrand Financial Literacy Month to Financial Progress MonthTM—because we believe that financial progress is about much more than just literacy. We know all too well that unlocking financial progressTM can feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Our goal for the month was to make financial education accessible and fun. Here’s a look at the many ways we celebrated the month and helped our members, communities, and employees unlock financial progressTM.

Celebrating Financial Progress Month with our members

In April, we launched a colorful way for members to learn about budgeting and set their financial goals: ChimeⓇ coloring budgets! The adult-friendly coloring book allows members to fill out their monthly budget while enjoying the stress relief that coloring can bring. 

We also built on our partnership with financial education platform, Zogo, bringing IRL events to our members’ communities and launching the Financial Progress Hub in-app (both parts of our newly announced commitment to bring financial education to 10 million people across the country over the next three years). 

Celebrating Financial Progress Month with our communities

To bring Financial Progress Month to our communities, we partnered with singer and rapper, T-Pain, who spoke on his Twitch stream (warning: may contain explicit language) about his own financial journey and even crashed a college class in Atlanta to teach “Financial Progress 101: Back to Basics.” 

Check out the video (Instagram, TikTok) to see T-Pain and finance blogger and influencer Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche give students a lesson in money matters.

We also hosted a series of Financial Progress Month events within our members’ communities to make financial education tangible and fun. We showed off our financial education work at an event in Washington D.C. in partnership with the Financial Literacy and Wealth Creation Caucus and hosted by Congresswoman Young Kim and Congresswoman Joyce Beatty. 

We followed up on our initial T-Pain activation with an open-to-the-public event with T-Pain in Atlanta for all students across Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College. The event also included a student Pitch for Progress competition where we gave $10,000 each to two student groups to implement community improvement projects. We had 18 community improvement projects pitched by students! The City of Atlanta declared it “Financial Progress Week in partnership with Chime,” with Councilman Jason Dozier and Congresswoman Nikema Williams presenting the proclamation. 

We wrapped up the month with an event in Dallas with high school seniors; bringing a fireside chat with actress and Dallas-native Paige Hurd, as well as a competition for students to present on a financial education case study. The winning group received $100 gift cards, which they split with another group who had provided some help along the way.

Celebrating Financial Progress Month with Chimers (our employees)

We also brought Financial Progress Month to Chimers, providing various opportunities for our own team to learn about money matters. 

We hosted special Financial Progress Month trivia games in a new Slack channel called #feels-like-progress, where Chimers could learn fun facts, play trivia, and have a chance to win prizes along the way. 

We hosted a ‘Sustainability Squared’ Fireside Chat with Kara Pérez, founder of BravelyGo, where Chimers learned about best practices on how to live an environmentally friendly and financially stable life. We also held a virtual session with Sofia Fatakhova, Chime’s VP of Finance, for Chimers to learn more about her role.

Finally, Chimers were invited to attend a workshop on the basic principles of investing with Origin Financial.