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Our why

Chime’s mission is to unite everyday people to Unlock Financial Progress™. We empower millions of everyday people to take control of their finances.

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Our why

Our mission

Chime was created because we believe everyone can unlock financial progress, and we want to develop solutions and services to empower people to succeed. By designing a member-centric banking app with easy-to-understand financial tools, we’re creating a more competitive market with options for everyday Americans. Since 2012, we’ve grown our team to more than 1500 Chimers across 3 offices. But more than that, we’ve expanded the products and services we offer to our members based on member feedback. And in doing so, we’ve disrupted the banking industry and changed the conversation for everyday people about money on a national level.

Our how

Our values

Our mission is our ‘why’ and our values are our ‘how.’ Our core values go beyond a list painted on the walls of our office—they imbue the interactions we have, the decisions we make, the products we launch, and the impact we have.

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Be member-obsessed

We are guided by a deep understanding of our members’ needs and a devotion to meeting those needs at every step. We practice empathy in everything we do.

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Be human

We keep it real. We build trust and connection with our members by making them laugh, feel understood, and get inspired.

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Be bold

We dream big. We set audacious goals, tackle the hard stuff, and believe in our ability to change the financial services industry forever.

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We start with the simplest solution and only add to it if necessary. We are famously practical and focused. Our motto is “Do Less. Faster. More often.”

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Make it happen

We measure the impact of our work and push hard to hit our goals. We find ways around roadblocks. We hold each other accountable to a high bar for performance.

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Respect the rules

We take seriously our obligations to regulators, partners, and the public. We move fast and push for changes without cutting corners. We risk failure if we ever break the regs.

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Team up

We know great work isn’t done alone. We organize into teams that leverage the different strengths we each bring. We are stronger when we have each other’s backs.

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Chime in

As owners, we have an obligation to speak up. We share our ideas, ask hard questions, and give candid feedback. When others chime in, we value what they have to say.

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Our impact

In the community

Social and member impact is at the core of our DNA as a company—after all, Chime was started because our members and their communities weren’t being served by traditional banks, and we wanted a shot at helping them unlock financial progress. Because of that, social impact isn’t just a set of programs to make us feel like we’re making a difference, it’s what our products and services do at their core. At Chime, social impact isn’t the sideshow, it’s the main event.

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Working at Chime

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Life at Chime

Chime’s story is best told by those writing it—Chimers themselves. Our Life at Chime blog takes a look behind the scenes at the work Chimers do and the people they are.

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