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Where we work

We have three primary offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Vancouver, as well as workspaces in cities where we have a high concentration of Chimers, such as New York. Some Chimers work remotely and visit us a couple of times a year.

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Our offices

Making an impact, no matter where we are

With offices across the U.S. and in Canada, as well as remote Chimers who work from home, we come together every day to help our members unlock financial progress™. We find creative ways to connect IRL and online through events, all-hands, and in-person gatherings.

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Hybrid work

How—and where—we work

Since Chime® was founded, we’ve gone from in-office to fully remote, and today, we embrace a hybrid work policy. Our thoughtful policy combines in-office days and trips to team and company-wide events depending on each Chimer’s location. Local Chimers come in a few days a week, while Chimers who live further away visit twice a year. The primary goal of our hybrid work policy is to ensure we all stay connected to our work and teammates, whether we’re local to a Chime office or remote.

Our benefits

A closer look at our benefits

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We offer generous medical, dental, and vision benefits to suit you and your family’s needs, as well as family planning, discounted gym memberships, and pet insurance. Our benefits also include convenient platforms to understand and manage all of your benefits, and to keep your healthcare information in one central location.

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We know that physical health isn’t just about keeping your body healthy, so we offer mental health benefits through Modern Health® so that Chimers can get the type of care they need when they need it. We also support Chimers who are caregivers and parents with benefits through Wellthy® and Maven Family Planning®.

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Our mission is to unite everyday people to unlock financial progress™, and that doesn’t stop at our members. We offer Chimers financial management and planning support through Origin™ Financial Planning, empowering them to reach their financial goals.

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We’ve created a robust program of events and gatherings—both in-person and virtual—to help Chimers connect with each other. Whether it’s a pottery and meditation class, support circle following tragic events, or a virtual knitting session, Chimers can find a multitude of ways to build community and belong at work.

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