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Early careers at Chime®

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Our early talent philosophy

Chime was created because we believe everyone can unlock financial progress™, and we want to develop solutions and services to empower people to succeed. By providing members with access to liquidity, rewards, and credit building, our easy-to-use tools and intuitive platforms give members the ability to have more control over their money and to take action toward achieving their financial ambitions.

Along the way, we’ve learned how important new ideas and innovation are to our growth—and the role early talent plays in bringing creativity to Chime. We believe interns and new grads can help us unlock even greater progress on our team.

What to expect as an early talent hire

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More than a coffee run

As an intern or new grad at Chime, you’ll contribute to critical projects that impact our company and members and receive coaching and mentorship from our welcoming team. You can also expect to learn how to put Chime’s values into practice and gain valuable skills for your career.

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The value of connection

We want every Chimer to feel like they belong, so we’ve created a workplace where many diverse experiences are welcome—and we believe in the power of those differences to drive meaningful change for our products and company. As an intern or new grad, we’ll encourage you to connect with fellow Chimers at engaging events like panel discussions, paint nights, cultural heritage celebrations, and cooking classes.

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Start your career with us

Starting your career with Chime is an opportunity to make an impact from day one, unlock your career progress, and be a part of changing how everyday people achieve their financial goals. Not only will you begin your professional journey with supportive benefits and a welcoming work environment, but you’ll also have an outsized opportunity to learn and make an impact.

Our benefits

A closer look at our benefits

Our benefits support Chimers’ well-being in four key areas: physical, emotional, financial, and social. This encompasses everything from physical and mental health services for you and your family to a 401k plan with company match, access to financial advisors, family planning, 1% of time off to volunteer, and more. With stipends for learning and development and to improve your home office, you'll be able to unlock your own career progress while helping millions unlock financial progress.

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We offer generous medical, dental, and vision benefits to suit you and your family’s needs, as well as family planning, discounted gym memberships, and pet insurance. Our benefits also include convenient platforms to understand and manage all of your benefits, and to keep your healthcare information in one central location.

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We know that physical health isn’t just about keeping your body healthy, so we offer mental health benefits through Modern Health® so that Chimers can get the type of care they need when they need it. We also support Chimers who are caregivers and parents with benefits through Wellthy® and Maven Family Planning®.

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Our mission is to unite everyday people to unlock financial progress™, and that doesn’t stop at our members. We offer Chimers financial management and planning support through Origin™ Financial Planning, empowering them to reach their financial goals.

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We’ve created a robust program of events and gatherings—both in-person and virtual—to help Chimers connect with each other. Whether it’s a pottery and meditation class, support circle following tragic events, or a virtual knitting session, Chimers can find a multitude of ways to build community and belong at work.


Life at Chime

Chime’s story is best told by those writing it—Chimers themselves. Our Life at Chime blog takes a look behind the scenes at the work Chimers do and the people they are.

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